About Nailed UP

Hello! My name is Veronica Luviano. I am the founder and owner of Nailed Up. 

Nailed Up came in existence in 2016 when I decided that I wanted a change in my life. Since then I love making my clients feel special, loved, and most important FABULOUS after walking out the door. Aiming for the best of work and quality I still continue to invest in my education every chance I get. I have attended numerous seminars and master classes throughout the years to stay on top of the new techniques, trends, and styles. There for providing countless of options when it comes to choosing designs. Thanks to this I've taken my art to the next level! My commitment is to provide quality products, exceptional services and to take customer service the extra mile! Thanks to my determination, I've built friendships in a special and unique way with all my clients. In these few years of Nailed Up's existence I feel very blessed and honored to have worked with famous pop star Ariana Grande in 2015 and 2017. My work has attracted famous artists, TV stars, and magazines. My work made appearance in the 2018 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book , which really inspired me to keep working hard for my dreams. Nailed Up is a completely Cruelty-free salon, I believe in ethical beauty by providing the best nail services without hurting any living being. 

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